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SBL certifies excellence in your structures

Peace of mind and concern for a job well done is what our experts offer you. Our turnkey achievements include plan design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of metal frames. We support you at each stage of your project. You can count on our listening, our human approach and our personalized advice for the design and manufacture of your steel buildings.

We advocate quality, build sustainability, aim for excellence.

Whether commercial, industrial or institutional, your buildings deserve our renowned know-how, our quality of manufacturing at the cutting edge and our unique vision.

We design and build safely with pleasure and respect. Aiming at the accomplishment and overcoming of each member of our team is what we proudly advocate at Structure SBL.

Our achievements speak for themselves and demonstrate our expertise and passion. See for yourself.

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Quality, reliability, solidity: that is what we build every day.


We are there for you throughout your project. Your vision and satisfaction: our team ensures. Our experts will be happy to accompany you in each phase of your structure project, and to guide you to the best possible version of your building.


Efficiency, ingenuity, leadership. The development of your projects is done meticulously and each step is carried out in concert with you. Our quality standards are high and exacting. From engineering to installation, the SBL Structure team checks every detail and delivers sustainable and solid buildings.


You imagine it, we build it. From the initial meeting to installation and after-sales care, our team offers you a 360-degree service covering the entire production. Entrust us with your project, we will not only be able to build it while respecting your needs and budgets, but also improve it with our expertise.

Highly certified achievements

All of our structures meet the strictest qualifications in the Canadian industry and provide you with solid, sustainable and time-resistant constructions. You can trust our standards which guarantee you a notable longevity and aestheticism.

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